01/06/17 - INET Hosted Platform Outage

01 June 2017 : Outage on I-Net Hosted VoIP Platform



There is currently an issue with handsets registering on the I-Net Hosted VoIP Platform. We are endeavouring to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Customers are advised to reboot their routers as this may register some handsets.

Updates to follow.



Customers affected by the outage can request a temporary divert to mobiles for inbound calls. Please submit any such requests to together with a list of mobile numbers.



It appears services are almost completely back to normal. Customers who are using Aastra handsets and are still experiencing issues should try the following procedure:

Spanner > Administrator Menu > Password: 22222 > Network Settings > DHCP Settings > DHCP > Press Select > Press Change (to disable DHCP) > Press Done > Press Done > Press Restart (to restart the phone).

This will in effect flush stale IP Address Data from the handset.



Services for customers on the I-Net Platform are now back to normal.

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