17/11/2014 Hosted Platform Outage Incident Report



15:30 - An incident report in timeline format of the outage earlier this week which resulted in over 5 hours of down time has been attached below.

In brief, both BT IPX and Elan Telecom continue to investigate the problem. We are awaiting further information from BT IPX who are conducting an internal investigation into both the causes of the incidident and the corrective/remedial actions taken thereafter. BT IPX have reassured Hosted Telecoms Providers such as Elan Telecom that they are constantly reviewing and expanding resiliency into their 21CN infrastructure. 

Elan Telecom would like to apologise for the frustration and inconvenience caused to all of our affected customers.This was an outage on the BT Operated core national network over which we have no control. 

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