26/01/15 Temporary Platform Outage

07:35 - We are experiencing some issues with the hosted platform this morning relating to intermittent service. The issues began at 07:22am. We are investigating the problem and will update shortly. 

08:00 - It appears the problems earlier were related to a platform wide handset de-registration issue. We are continuing to investigate why this happened although it appears all services have now been restored as of 07:35. The 10-15 minute intermittent outage model ties in with the de-registration diagnosis as handsets re-register with the platform every 3-5 minutes although all handsets are on different cycles and will not re-register simultaneously thus giving the appearance of some handsets working & some not until all handsets have completed their re-registration cycle.

It is likely the outage lasted 5-10 minutes.

08:40 - All services have now been restored. If any customers continue to experience issues, please reboot your Voice Router.

We apologise for the disruption in service & any inconvenience caused.

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