Data Multiple Devices Router DSL/WAN Fail

OK. You'll need to take a look at the status LED's (lights) on your router:


The first thing to do is ascertain whether your Internet connection is a Fibre or a Broadband connection. Fibre connectivity is usually indicated by the WAN or WAN2 light. Broadband connectivity is usually indicated by the DSL light.

In the example router picture below, the various cable connection ports are on the front of the router on the right hand side. The status lights are all in a bank on the left hand side.



If the DSL or WAN2 light is FLASHING, your router is attempting to re-establish a connection with the internet. Please check all cables are securely connected and allow 2-3 minutes for connection to be re-established. Re-connection has been established when the DSL or WAN2 light is solid green. 

If the DSL or WAN2 light continues to flash after a few minutes, please contact our helpdesk on 0845 557 6547 (Option 1).


If the DSL or WAN2 light is OFF, please check to see if any other router status lights are ON. If no other lights are ON it is likely you have an electrical problem or your router has failed. Please check the power supply to your router is connected and working. If you can verify the power supply is working, but the router is not - it is likely your router has failed.

Please contact our helpdesk immediately on 0845 557 6547 (Option 1).


If there are other status lights ON but the DSL or WAN2 light remains OFF (not even flashing), it is likely you have a line fault. 

Please contact our helpdesk immediately on 0845 557 6547 (Option 1).

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