Telecoms Multiple Handsets Router DSL Fail


If the DSL light is FLASHING, there are 2 possibilities:

1. Your router is attempting to re-establish a connection with the internet. Please allow 2-3 minutes. If it continues to flash, please contact our helpdesk on 0845 557 6547 (Option 1).


2. You have an FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) Internet connection. If this is the case, your Router should be connected by a single cable to a BT Openreach modem which looks like this:

If you have a BT Openreach modem, check that the green Power, DSL and LAN1 lights are all solid green.


If the DSL light is OFF, please check to see if any other router and/or modem status lights are ON. If no other lights are ON - please check the power supply to your router and/or modem is connected and operating normally. 

If there are other status lights ON but the DSL light remains OFF on your router and/or modem, contact our helpdesk immediately on 0845 557 6547 (Option 1).


Here is a typical FTTC set up. The yellow cable should connect the LAN1 port on your BT Openreach Modem to a WAN port on your Router. 


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