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If you are experiencing simultaneous problems with multiple devices then the source of the problem is almost certainly something they all have in common.

The first thing to do is have a look at your router (the interface between your office devices & the internet).


Your router will look something like this:


Check to see if there some status/activity lights working on the router. If there are none, please check the power supply is connected and working.


In most (but not all) customer premises, the router will be connected to a data switch using a single cable. A data switch is usually mounted close to the router in a data cabinet and looks something like this:

Check for power/status lights. If there are none please check the power supply is connected and functioning normally.

If all cables on Router & Switch are sound and power is supplied to both please restart the router and allow 2 minutes for it to reconnect fully.

If this did not fix the problem, please restart your Data Switch and allow 2 minutes.


Hopefully this will have resolved the problem. If not....


.....check to see if the DSL (Broadband Connections) or WAN2 (Fibre Connections) Internet Connectivity status light is:

You can find more detailed information about your Draytek Router Here:

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