Telecoms Hosted Troubleshooting - Single Handset

OK - if the problem you are experiencing is affecting just a single handset then the problem is most likely to be a local cabling/connectivity issue.

If the display on your phone is completely blank and there are no signs of life - this is likely to be a power connectivity problem.

If your phone has a display and/or is showing signs of life but you cannot make or take calls this is more likely to be a data connectivity problem. 


Please check all cables are properly connected. This includes:

  • Handset to floor/wall socket.
  • Curly Cord
  • Corresponding floor/wall socket identification number in patch panel to Telephone System/Data Switch.


WARNING! - One of the most common faults we find occurs when users plug the ethernet cable at the back of their phones into the PC port instead of the Data/LAN port after rebooting their phone. Please make sure it is plugged back into the correct port.


Finally - it might be worth rebooting your router as sometimes issues with single handsets can be router related. Your router will look something like this:



Did this resolve the issue?


No? - Please gather as much information regarding the problematic handset including if possible:

  • Make
  • Model
  • MAC Address (12 digit unique device identifier usually found on the underside of the handset)
  • IP Address
  • Extension Number
  • User Name
  • Nature of problem (brief description of symptoms)

Contact with this information. A support ticket will automatically be generated. Your ticket will be assessed & placed into a queue.


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