Cloud Hosted PBX/VoIP Annual Uptime/Downtime in 2014.

At Elan Telecom we appreciate just how business critical your phone system is. We understand that even when your telecommunications channels are offline for just a few minutes it is an immensely concerning and frustrating experience. At Elan, we want to be as open and frank with our customers as we can. We have therefore decided to share with you - the customer - some facts & figures related to your Hosted Telephone System.

We are acutely aware that whilst some customers are perfectly comfortable with the concept of VoIP and Internet Based Telephony, there are other customers who are rather more cautious when considering making the move away from "traditional" telephony.

As 2014 grows to a close, we are close to completing our 3rd annual downtime statistics. We actually began actively monitoring faults & downtime in late 2011 as a way to see how we are performing and to demonstrate to potential new customers a real set of our own VoIP/Hosted PBX reliability statistics rather than just providing more generalised, industry related figures. 2014 is our third full year of monitoring and we feel there is now enough information to validate the statistics.

The statistics are split into 2 parts - Total and Partial Downtime.

As things stand in 2014, we've had less than 14 hours of Total Downtime and less than 8 hours of Partial Downtime.

(If you prefer, that's more than 13 hours and 7 hours respectively).

Please note - these figures do not take into account individual customer incidents such as Router lock-ups, Hardware failures or broadband/EFM Circuit/Leased Line outages. These are of course part of the VoIP "chain" and directly affect your telecommunications service, but are not attributable directly to our Hosted PBX Platform.

Let's take a look at those figures in more detail. The combined Total & Partial figures amount to between 21 and 22 hours of loss of service to a greater or lesser degree over the course of the calendar year.

Our system - as you would expect - is monitored 24/7/365. In an average calendar year (including leap years), there are 8766 hours, which means in total our system has been offline 0.25% of the time. 

The impact on your business is much greater of course if the downtime occurs during the working day. Indeed, this year we have had 2 major outages and 7 minor ones (which comprise the total figures) - all (bar 2 minor ones) of which have occurred within UK business hours. The average number of working hours in a calendar year is 2088. This means your Elan Telecom Hosted Phone System has been offline to some degree for around 1% of active business time.

In 2012, the figures in relation to active business time were 1.3% of downtime.

In 2013, the figure was 0.86%.

We are in fact extremely disappointed that this years' figure will be slightly down on last year - not least because we have experienced one major outage and one partial loss of service in the last few weeks of 2014.Rest assured, as a result of the recent downtime, we are implementing changes behind the scenes as we continue to try to and improve the levels of service we provide to all of our customers.


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