29/06/15: Inbound Call Problem

Some of our customers may be unable to receive inbound calls or retrieve their Voicemail messages at present. This is due to a temporary problem with one of our Voicemail Servers. Engineers are working on the problem at the moment and we hope to have service fully restored shortly.

 Those customers who have Voicemail to Email (with attachment) facilities set up should be able to listen to recordings via emails already delivered.



Engineers have located a fault on a Server. The affected server controls routing for both Voicemail retrieval and inbound calls. Engineers are in the process of replacing an interface card which is believed to be at fault.

 The fault occurred between 05:00 and 05:20am today. Restoration of service time is being advised as less than 1 hour.



Engineers are continuing work to replace the affected part on the Server. An earlier problem with Voicemail retrieval resulted in a restart of the affected server around 06:20am. Following the restart, additional routing problems related to inbound calls became evident.

After running initial diagnostic tests, Engineers located a fault on a dialogic board which is now in the process of being swapped out.



 A replacement dialogic board is currently being fitted to a critical server. Please be advised that our System will be completely down for a few minutes whilst this takes place.

 We apologise for the inconvenience.



Outbound calls are now operational again.

Inbound calls are also working although we are still experiencing problems with the affected Voicemail/Messaging Server. Default system messages are playing but recorded messages such as those on IVR Menus are not as yet.

Engineers are continuing to try and restore full service as soon as possible.



Engineers are currently working on the Registration Server. The server is offline temporarily. Whilst this is happening handsets will not be able to register with the system.



 It appears as though full service has now been restored. Recorded IVR Menus, Queue Messaging and other voice related features now appear to be fully operational.

Please be aware that this is still an ongoing incident and further disruption to services MAY be necessary.

If any customers are experiencing continued registration issues, please restart your Router and allow up to 5 minutes for all handsets to complete the registration process.

Once again we apologise for the disruption to the service.



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