30/06/15 - De-Registration Issue

Some of our customers are experiencing partial de-registration problems this morning. This means handsets may be able to make calls, but not receive any.

This affects Hunt Groups particularly where if all handsets within a Hunt Group are de-registered, an inbound call will route to a fallback such as a Voicemail Box.


Affected handsets cannot receive calls, which also means transferring calls to them is not possible at the moment.


When an IVR Menu is called, and one of the menu options selected, a Hunt Group is normally targeted by a menu selection. If all handsets within that Hunt Group are de-registered then the fallback (Voicemail) is targeted.

The issue is related to yesterday morning's hardware failure, but on this occasion is a problem with a Registration Server. We hope to resolve this as soon as possible.


As a temporary measure we can re-route inbound calls to a hunt group containing mobile numbers or landlines (or a combination of both).

Please with a list of temporary mobile numbers should you wish.



Customers are advised that this is a de-registration problem affecting only some handsets. A problem occurred with a Registration Server yesterday evening at 22:45pm. Initial de-registration alerts were raised, but not repeated as normally expected when de-registration persists.


Repeated de-registration alerts indicate a problem which will require investigation, whereas a single de-registration alert which is not repeated normally indicates a transient issue which has resolved itself. Therefore an on-call Engineer was not contacted. An Engineer is now on his way to resolve the issue.


Customers are advised NOT to reboot any hardware equipment until the issue with the Server is resolved as this is unlikely to have any effect.


The problematic server has been taken offline whilst the Engineer decides whether or not to re-direct all affected SIP Accounts & associated registration traffic to another server. Initial indications are this will not need to happen and the server will be back online shortly.


The issue has now been resolved. The problem was located on a Registration Server and after some time isolated to a problem on the SBC (Session Border Controller). This issue has now been rectified & registrations are now taking place as normal.


We apologise for the disruption to your service.



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